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Welcome to our naval website which specialises in art of German U-Boats and associated German military naval prints. All German U-Boats depicted in naval art prints published by Cranston Fine Arts. The Military and naval Art Company, Many of these art prints are only available direct form these websites. at these great prices. and even further discounts are given in our special two print packs

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Verschollen - World War I U-Boat Losses by Dwight R Messimer.

Verschollen - World War I U-Boat Losses by Dwight R Messimer.

Until now, finding reliable information on U­boats lost during World War I required fluency in German and a great deal of time. Not only was little information available in English, but German sources were also difficult to track down and provided the barest of facts. Long in the making, this new reference fills the needs of both researchers looking for accounts of lost submarines and readers who enjoy action and adventure stories. It examines in detail each of the 203 U-boats lost during the war. Fluent in German and at home in war archives, Dwight Messimer offers for the first time individual narratives of the men who survived the sinking of their boats, including the dramatic stories of several who escaped from sunken wrecks, and one who managed to bailout as his submarine plunged past the one-hundred-foot mark. For boats listed as verschollen, or lost with­out a trace, the author includes available expla­nations for what happened, and when they con­flict he analyzes them for accu.........

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Item Code : BK2139Verschollen - World War I U-Boat Losses by Dwight R Messimer. - Editions Available
BOOKHardback book with 341 pages.
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Some Current Half Price Naval Art Offers

B65.  HMS King George V by Ivan Berryman.

HMS King George V by Ivan Berryman.
Half Price! - £15.00
B139P. HMS Royal Oak by Ivan Berryman. The R-class battleship Royal Oak lies at anchor in Scapa Flow between the wars ahead of her sisters Royal Sovereign and Revenge.  HMS Repulse is passing the line on the left of the picture
HMS Royal Oak by Ivan Berryman (P)
Half Price! - £500.00
 The heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen slips quietly through the waters of Kiel Harbour as one of her own Arado Ar.196s flies overhead. In the background, Bismarck, wearing her Baltic camouflage, is alongside taking on supplies.

Prinz Eugen by Ivan Berryman (AP)
Half Price! - £25.00
 During a patrol on 6th July 1918, Christiansen spotted a British submarine on the surface of the Thames Estuary. He immediately turned and put his Hansa-Brandenburg W.29 floatplane into an attacking dive, raking the submarine C.25 with machine gun fire, killing the captain and five other crewmen. This victory was added to his personal tally, bringing his score to 13 kills by the end of the war, even though the submarine managed to limp back to safety. Christiansen survived the war and went on to work as a pilot for the Dornier company, notably flying the giant Dornier Do.X on its inaugural flight to New York in 1930. He died in 1972, aged 93.

Kapitanleutnant zur See Friedrich Christiansen by Ivan Berryman.
Half Price! - £60.00

 Fully dressed and resplendent, HMS Hood is pictured preparing for King George Vs review of the Fleet in July 1935 as other capital ships take up their positions around her. Ramillies can be seen off Hoods port bow, Resolution astern, whilst just beyond her boat deck, the mighty Nelson gently nudges into position.

HMS Hood During the Fleet Review of 1935 by Ivan Berryman.
Half Price! - £15.00
 Looking slightly the worse for wear after her journey south to the Falkland Islands in 1982, the P&O cruise liner <i>Canberra</i>, requisitioned as a troop carrier at the outbreak of the conflict, is shown in the midst of an attack by Argentine Mirage aircraft in San Carlos Water during May.  Believed by the Argentine pilots to be a hospital ship, <i>Canberra</i> herself was never targeted, but her proximity to other ships of the British task force meant that she was constantly in danger.

Canberra at San Carlos by Ivan Berryman. (P)
Half Price! - £800.00
Seen here from the deck of an escorting destroyer.
HMS Prince of Wales by Ivan Berryman.
Half Price! - £30.00
 HMS Intrepid embarks some of her landing craft during the Falklands conflict of 1982.
HMS Intrepid by Ivan Berryman
Half Price! - £15.00



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