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Welcome to our naval website which specialises in art of German U-Boats and associated German military naval prints. All German U-Boats depicted in naval art prints published by Cranston Fine Arts. The Military and naval Art Company, Many of these art prints are only available direct form these websites. at these great prices. and even further discounts are given in our special two print packs

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U-Boats at War - Landings on Hostile Shores by Jak P Mallmann Showell.

U-Boats at War - Landings on Hostile Shores by Jak P Mallmann Showell.

For much of World War 2 Germanys most threatening maritime force was the U-boat arm. Despite its very high casualty rate the German Navys highly successful submarine force achieved much during the war, threatening at times to seriously disrupt the supply lines of convoys across the Atlantic between Britain and North America and the Allied resupplying of Soviet forces through the Arctic ports, as well as taking on a wide variety of other roles for which it was especially suitable. Author Jak P Mallmann Showell has gathered together a fascinating selection of first-hand accounts and historic photographs, many of them previously unpublished, showing how U-boats landed on hostile shores. During the war, representatives of the U-boat service landed on many of the most inhospitable and threatening shores for numerous operational reasons and it is this aspect of U-boat history that forms the story of this fascinating account. Landings took place wherever the various demands of war dictated, .........

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Item Code : BK7213U-Boats at War - Landings on Hostile Shores by Jak P Mallmann Showell. - Editions Available
BOOKHardback book with 160 pages.
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Some Current Half Price Naval Art Offers

  HMS Norfolk and HMS Belfast of Force I are shown engaging the Scharnhorst which has already been hit and disabled by both HMS Duke of York and the cruiser HMS Jamaica.  Scharnhorst was never to escape the clutches of the British and Norwegian forces for, having been slowed to just a few knots by numerous hits, fell victim to repeated torpedo attacks by the allied cruisers and destroyers that had trapped the German marauder.

HMS Norfolk at the Battle of the North Cape by Ivan Berryman (P)
Half Price! - 425.00
B65.  HMS King George V by Ivan Berryman.

HMS King George V by Ivan Berryman.
Half Price! - 15.00
 The Flower Class corvette HMS Sunflower at sea in 1942. One of thirty ordered on 31st August 1939, K41 was built by Smiths Dockyard in just 9 months and 6 days, completed on 25th January 1941.

HMS Sunflower by Ivan Berryman (AP)
Half Price! - 25.00
Viewed across the damaged stern of the 80-gun San Nicholas, Nelson drives HMS Captain onto the Spanish vessel in order that she can be boarded and taken as a prize, the British marines and men scrambling up the Captains bowsprit to use it as a bridge. The San Nicholas then fouled the Spanish three decker San Joseph (112), allowing Nelson and his men to take both ships as prizes in a single manoeuvre. A British frigate is moving into a supporting position in the middle distance.

HMS Captain at the Battle of Cape St Vincent by Ivan Berryman
Half Price! - 15.00

 Between 24th may and 4th June 1940 an extraordinary armada of craft, large and small, naval and civilian, embarked on one of the greatest rescue missions in history. the evacuation of 330,000 British and French troops from the beaches of Dunkirk in northern France. the destroyer HMS Wakeful dominates the foreground here as troops pour onto the beaches and harbour moles in search of salvation. Both Wakeful and distant HMS Grafton were lost during the evacuation.

Dunkirk by Ivan Berryman (AP)
Half Price! - 25.00
 Royal Fleet Auxiliary Olna prepares to receive HMS Active (F171) during the Falklands campaign of 1982.  HMS Coventry (D118) is in the background
RFA Olna by Ivan Berryman (AP)
Half Price! - 25.00
 Fully dressed and resplendent, HMS Hood is pictured preparing for King George Vs review of the Fleet in July 1935 as other capital ships take up their positions around her. Ramillies can be seen off Hoods port bow, Resolution astern, whilst just beyond her boat deck, the mighty Nelson gently nudges into position.

HMS Hood During the Fleet Review of 1935 by Ivan Berryman (AP)
Half Price! - 25.00
B114.  HMS Carmania sinking the German armed liner SS Cap Trafalgar off Ilha da Trindade, South Atlantic. 14th September 1914.  By Ivan Berryman.
HMS Carmania sinking the German armed liner SS Cap Trafalgar off Ilha da Trindade, South Atlantic. 14th September 1914. By Ivan Berryman.
Half Price! - 15.00



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